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Writing From My Heart

I went to University and graduated as a Mechanical Engineer. I have a career in manufacturing that pays my bills. I have a good job.



I'm a bookworm. There's no question. When I was 9 years-old, while my school friends were screaming and playing ball outside during break time, I could often be found in the library, reading my latest discovery: a collection of thrillers by Brazilian author Marcos Rey.

After those, I would read anything I could get my hands on: romance, contemporary, fantasy, Sci-Fi... You name it. If it's a good story, I'm in!

I found myself creating plotlines to continue my favourite stories, sometimes creating a whole parallel story in that world. I was very creative in my daydreaming but never dared to write anything down. How many stories have I wasted by not even taking notes? Dozens, I guess.

One day I decided to write. I found an old notebook, got a pen and started writing in the old fashioned way. I needed to get the story that was screaming in my head out. My beautiful daughter found out and laughed. "Why don't you write on Wattpad?" she asked. I had no idea what she was talking about.

That's how Make Love Your Goal started. It was my first story and I am very proud of it. The actual writing is far from perfect - it's not even average in the first few chapters - but I finished it. The story improved as it went along. I improved.

It is very personal. I wanted to tell a story inspired by my upbringing and the struggles with my sexuality so I gave Lucy a lot of my background. She's not me but it's close enough.

I wrote it from my heart. I wrote the story I wanted to read. It's a story of love and acceptance where I discuss bisexuality, the prejudice and the pain caused by rejection. It was never a Wattpad success but I don't mind.

I told my daughter a while ago that the story would make a good TV series, not a movie, so after I learned more about serialised fiction, it dawned on me that I should turn it into a series and not publish it as a novel. I left so many details out of the first draft because I was already on 120 thousand words...

I am currently rewriting it. Hopefully, it will be my first release and I hope you join me on my journey.

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