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Born in Brazil to a Portuguese family, I never really fit in a strict Christian society. I knew I was bisexual from a very early age, even if I didn't understand it or knew a word for it. It was my secret until I moved to the UK and discovered a world full of love and acceptance during my University days in Manchester, where I graduated as a Mechanical Engineer.

Taking inspiration from real life happenings, I would create complete stories with complex characters in my mind.

When my marriage collapsed, my daughter inspired me to write my story as well as the stories in my head. She introduced me to Wattpad and I started my personal blog, telling the ups and downs during my separation process, around the same time. They have been my outlet and writing has kept me sane.

I write about real people of all races, backgrounds, sexual orientations and beliefs because we can all live in harmony as long as there is love and respect.

I'm not afraid to unleash my naughtier side either and tell stories about women taking control of their sexual lives and fully living them with a positive attitude.

Sexuality doesn't always come naturally - hell, I know how long it took me to find myself and, in a way, my search continues - but sex can be a beautiful thing if there is respect and the will to please each other. That doesn't mean it has to be boring! There is a wonderful world of pleasure waiting to be discovered.